Shankar Jaikishan Music

Inspirations for next generations of composers

Shankar Jaikishan exploited and extended musical horizon in the twentieth century, and gave young Indian Republic an expression and an identity in the field of music. They became source of inspiration to almost all young composers from sixties until today. Metamorphic forms of their scores are being represented by other composers throughout the world - title song of Hollywood blockbuster Ghost World in the year 1993, a popular album in UK, and background score of a movie by legendary movie director Satyajit Ray are the notable ones among many others. The leading Indian composers-duo in seventies, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, had set the goal of being another Shankar Jaikishan throughout their career. The album Teesri Manzil by the music composer R D Burman, cast exactly in Shankar Jaikishani mould, is still considered to be his best; in fact, he had earned direct compliments from Jaikishan for those scores.

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Shankar and Jaikishan with showman Raj Kapoor and Shailendra