Shankar Jaikishan Music

Innovative team work and management

When Shankar and Jaikishan started as a team, it was a strategic decision that changed the musical history of India later. Though nobody knows the reason for going together for such an assignment as it is the first time ever in India, they perhaps understood the level of quality and effort required to convert a film into a master musical piece. They were aware of the contemporary process of music compositions and settings and wanted to bring a radical change to it. They were later successful in this and went on to be the greatest.

The duo started building an enviable team of a large number of musicians, two proficient lyricists like Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri, a rhyme assistant like Dattaram, an orchestra arranger like Sebastian De'Souza. These people were great in their own faculty and knew their jobs well and exactly. However, credit for entire team management and consequent success goes mostly to Shankar Jaikishan as these team members could not create the same magic with other composers when they worked outside. It is always a point of discussion about how they could bring out such perfect scores with such a huge team when they themselves and most of their musicians had not gone through a systematic study of western music schools.

Shankar Jaikishan team can be compared to any professional corporate house. Their deliveries were on time and to perfection. Team members were also paid well.

Shankar and Jaikishan with singers Talat and Lata Mangeshkar