Shankar Jaikishan Music

The greatest music composers-duo from India

Shankar Jaikishan music, synonym of Indian Film music, has far reaching impact in India and outside. The duo moulded music and musical mood of masses since 1949, and are still considered to be the best music composers from India.

The duo also contributed outside movie industry with their much celebrated album Raga in Jazz Style, and background music for documentary Everest expedition among many others. If we look at the popular impact by any personalities in the Rolex Replica Watches field of music during the post independence period in India, the obvious choice is Shankar Jaikishan.

Important Events:

Year Event
1922 Shankar was born on October 5
1929 Jaikishan was born on November 4
1949 Shankar Jaikishan released their first music album, Barsaat (first HMV Hindi film music album)
1956 Shankar Jaikishan received first film-fare award for their trend-setter movie album Chori Chori
1968 Shankar Jaikishan received Padmashree award from Indian Government
1971 Jaikishan died of illness on Sep 12
1973 Shankar Jaikishan received 9th film-fare award (highest for any music director in Hindi Cinema
1975 Shankar Jaikishan did the last massive orchestra movie album of Bollywood, Sanyasi
1987 Shankar died on Apr 26, and was cremated before world knew about his death next day.
Shankar and Jaikishan
A sketch of Shankar and Jaikishan with their White Impala