Ashwini Kumar Rath

Innovator, Author & Entrepreneur

An innovator, author and entrepreneur, Ashwini Rath is actively involved in IT consulting and software product development. His current research interests include cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mathematical sciences. Ashwini is a strong believer of knowledge-based socio-economic development. He lives with parents, wife and son; and loves Nature and Indian rural life.

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Doing Data Science: Connecting Small Dots in Large Number

Aug 28, 2015: I was attending a conference on data science earlier today, and thought that it will be relevant to write on this topic. It’s a reality that methods of data...

An Unfortunate Political Regime in Our Neighbourhood

Aug 21, 2015: Pakistan has been notoriously peace agnostic since its inception. It has adopted guerrilla warfare against its neighbours, outrageous religious doctrine against its own people, and above all, killings and...

Begaani Shaadi Mein Abdulla Diwaana

Aug 14, 2015: The rustic charm was evident beyond the window. The music of Shankar Jaikishan was carving tender chords in heart and mind. It was certainly a reprieve for an idle...

Cloud Computing: Facing the RealityCloud Computing: Facing the Reality

The book provides a concise overview of this novel computing paradigm, and is meant for readers having varying skills in Information Technology. The ground realities for adoption of cloud computing along with technologies involved have been presented with anecdotes, historical perspectives, and contemporary research findings.
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