Ashwini Kumar Rath

Innovator, Author & Entrepreneur

An innovator, author and entrepreneur, Ashwini Rath is actively involved in IT consulting and software product development. His current research interests include cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mathematical sciences. Ashwini is a strong believer of knowledge-based socio-economic development. He lives with parents, wife and son; and loves Nature and Indian rural life.

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What Is E-Commerce?

Nov 20, 2015: I was speaking at a chapter of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India earlier this week. As my topic was related to E-commerce, I thought I should make...

Furcate State into Cities

Nov 13, 2015: In continuation to my last week’s deliberation, I feel that I should be quite clear about my intent. Why not? People today pose more problems rather than solutions. I...

Indian Cities Challenge to Be Smart

Nov 06, 2015: Since yore cities have been built around the centre of power supplemented by commercial activities. As on this day, it seems still to be true. In spite of democratic setups around...

Cloud Computing: Facing the RealityCloud Computing: Facing the Reality

The book provides a concise overview of this novel computing paradigm, and is meant for readers having varying skills in Information Technology. The ground realities for adoption of cloud computing along with technologies involved have been presented with anecdotes, historical perspectives, and contemporary research findings.
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