Shankar Jaikishan Music

Shankar's Last Edifice - Album Sanyasi with last Shankar-Jaikishani Orchestra

In spite of all odds, Shankar continued his music pursuit single-handedly and produced some highly popular albums like Beimaan (the last film awarded by Filmfare to Shankar Jaikishan), Naina, Lal Patthar, Seema (New), Vachan, and Do Jhoot among others. By then, the commercial viability of the Shankar Jaikishan brand was almost at stake, and Shankar's most trusted lieutenants were about to leave for greener pasture. Shankar undertook to create an album of Sanyasi as entrusted by producer and director Sohanlal Kunwar.

For all technical reasons, Sanyasi remains the last major album of Shankar Jaikishan. Its scores were so popular that everybody believed that the Shankar Jaikishan brand was again going to dominate Bollywood. But it did not happen - reasons were, of course, non-musical - Shankar (Jaikishan) already had their time.

Shankar conducting orchestra along with his long-time assistant Sebastian