Shankar Jaikishan Music

Shankar Jaikishan established supremacy

With each movie Shankar Jaikishan brought an ever fresh blend to contemporary music. They concentrated in building unique orchestra form through great exploitation of Indian, oriental and western music, and with marathon practice hours with dedicated musicians. Shankar-jaikishani Orchestra was born with Sebastian De'Souza in charge there of. Rhyme section was being looked after by Dattaram, an independent and successful music composer himself. The stage was now set for a big showdown in music scene.

Shankar Jaikishan went on creating albums like New Delhi, Chori Chori, Basant Bahar, Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraye, Yahudi and Anari among others. With the sheer versatility of tunes, accompanying orchestra and perfection in subtle musical orientation, Shankar Jaikishan established their supremacy. Indian music started being identified with film music in general and with Shankar Jaikishan music in particular.

Shankar and Jaikishan with then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi and showman Raj Kapoor. Actor Mehmood is also seen.