An Entrepreneur, Author and DevSecOps Expert

Founder and CEO at Batoi. Actively involved in the strategic affairs and product development.

His research pursuits encompass quantum computing, artificial intelligence, sustainable practices in DevSecOps, and the mathematical sciences. Alongside his family, which includes his parents, spouse, and son, he cherishes the beauty of Nature and the simplicity of rural life in India.


Concepts and Practices of DevSecOps
Crack the DevSecOps Interviews. Understand DevSecOps methods, tools, and culture - covering all essential aspects in a conversational style
Rising Petals
The first collection of poems published by Ashwini Rath.

Events & Talks

Mar 6, 2024
Speaking at CII Session - Navigating Avenues for Sustainable Development
Addressed a technical session on 'Navigating Avenues for Sustainable Development', organized during the Annual Meeting of CII Odisha in Bhubaneswar on March 05, 2024.