Ashwini Kumar Rath

An Entrepreneur, Author and DevSecOps Consultant

Ashwini Rath is the Director and CEO at Batoi and is actively involved in the strategic affairs and product development.

His current research interests include cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mathematical sciences. Ashwini is a strong believer in knowledge-based socio-economic development. He lives with parents, wife and son; and loves Nature and Indian rural life.

Latest Books

Rising Petals
The first collection of poems published by Ashwini Rath.
Cloud Computing – Facing the Reality
Cloud computing, related technologies and usage are explained with simple examples.

Latest Talks

Dec 19, 2020

Speaking at WTC Skill Development Series - III on 'Starting the Start-Up'

There is no arguing that the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to the current economy. However, there has been one positive effect...

Latest from Blog

Undemocratic Coup in a Democracy

1 AM IST. I was at the fag end of my work hour before stretching myself on the bed. As usual, I checked a couple of Twitter handles for news - you know, news channels or news websites are a bunch of liars these days.

2020 - The Year that Reflected the Ills within Us

‘Fate took over’ if I have to describe how the year 2020 went past us. Coronavirus was already banging at the door, loud and clear when governments around the globe were celebrating their medieval power-gimmicks and went deaf.
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