Ashwini Kumar Rath


An entrepreneur, author and digital technology consultant, Ashwini Rath is the Director and CEO at Batoi and is actively involved in the strategic affairs and product development apart from serving as Director and Sr. consultant at companies co-founded by him in India and abroad. His current research interests include cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI and mathematical sciences apart from history and music. He is a member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE Computer Society; and is a life member of Computer Society of India (CSI), Plasma Science Society of India (PSSI), and SCAAA, a local association of amateur astronomers.
Ashwini Kumar Rath

orn in Odisha (India), Ashwini obtained his education completing post-graduation in theoretical physics and an advanced diploma in software management. He was a visiting student to some of the leading research institutes such as TIFR (Mumbai), IUCAA (Pune), and IOP (Bhubaneswar) during and after his study at the University of Hyderabad.

He was awarded with the best research paper presentation at the national conference of Plasma Science Society of India in 1998, and was the web editor of this national body during the year 1998-1999, while he was engaged in theoretical studies of nonlinear statistical behaviour of strongly-coupled dusty plasmas in Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) as a Research Scholar. Later Ashwini took interest in Information Technology and founded a few technology startups after a series of software consulting assignments in India and abroad.

Ashwini is a seasoned writer and has written a number of academic, business and other articles published in leading magazines and journals. A compelling and effective speaker, he is fluent in English; and has spoken in different national and international fora.

Ashwini has been involved in different social and philanthropic activities and is a strong believer in knowledge-based socio-economic development through the active participation of local populace. Ashwini is a nominated member of the management board of a couple of leading private and government schools and colleges. He is also a member of the leadership committees and Think Tanks of different business associations. He is a life member of Blood Donors Council, Indian Red Cross Society and St. John Ambulance.

Ashwini lives with his parents, wife and son; and loves Nature and Indian rural life.

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