Spoke at Xcelerate 2024 on Digital Transformation

Jul 4, 2024
Delivered an insightful keynote address on 'Essential Factors for Business Growth and the Role of Digital Technologies' and participated in a compelling panel discussion on 'Combating Business Challenges with Digital Innovations' at Xcelerate 2024, at HHI, Bhubaneswar on July 03, 2024.

In the keynote address, gave an overview of digital transformation and discussed the several reasons why digital transformation is essential for businesses today. Further, highlighted the transformative power of digital technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, AR/VR, and Blockchain to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and drive growth.

The panel discussion revolved around identifying several key challenges that businesses face while adopting digital transformation, including resistance to change, inadequate governance, legacy systems, misalignment with business objectives, lack of digital skills, and cybersecurity threats. It also shared solutions that businesses can adopt and achieve significant competitive advantages through the strategic use of digital technologies. The discussion concluded with an optimistic outlook, expressing confidence that businesses could overcome challenges and thrive in this digital era with the right digital strategies.