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A series of blog posts on various topics that include science, technologies, business, society, nature among others.

Is Laxman's Common Man Dead?

When I was in school, I remember waiting daily for the cartoon strips of R K Laxman in the Times of India. The character showed a little man with no influence in the society, perhaps not far from his home or neighbourhood. Certainly, the man was no leader.

May 17, 2020

Coronavirus - Panic in Thin Air

As the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 or nCoV is in the process of spreading its wings across continents, there seems a significant gap between the information received and the reality.

Light Inner Mettle - A Happy Deepavali!

In a short poem, I offer heaps of wishes for all on the occasion with a perspective.

Two Years of GST - Align Business Process with Taxation

Two years have passed since the implementation of GST in India. It was a promise of tax reform pending through almost a decade.

Thermal Fluctuations and Collective Modes in Strongly Coupled Dusty (SCD) Plasmas

Like every system, dusty plasma exhibits spontaneous molecular fluctuations at finite temperature. It also supports different types of collective modes excited externally.

A Couple of Hours at the Mount Vernon

It was a short uber-ride from my hotel in Fairfax County in Virginia - to one of the most important heritage places in the USA, the estate of the first president George Washington and his wife Martha Washington.

'I Know the Path'

Today's air is filled with the stench of disrespect, falsehood, abuse, intimidation, violence, and even killings of people to scare all others. But a mere reminiscence of a man freshens up the atmosphere with the aroma of non-violence, mutual-respect and determination to uphold human values.
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