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India’s Moon Landing and Solar Missions
As India navigates the complexities of economic development and social inequality, its bold steps in space exploration offer technological and scientific breakthroughs and inspire a generation to look beyond terrestrial limits.

Sep 3, 2023

Undemocratic Coup in a Democracy
1 AM IST. I was at the fag end of my work hour before stretching myself on the bed. As usual, I checked a couple of Twitter handles for news - you know, news channels or news websites are a bunch of liars these days.
2020 - The Year that Reflected the Ills within Us
‘Fate took over’ if I have to describe how the year 2020 went past us. Coronavirus was already banging at the door, loud and clear when governments around the globe were celebrating their medieval power-gimmicks and went deaf.
Is Laxman's Common Man Dead?
When I was in school, I remember waiting daily for the cartoon strips of R K Laxman in the Times of India. The character showed a little man with no influence in the society, perhaps not far from his home or neighbourhood. Certainly, the man was no leader.
Coronavirus - Panic in Thin Air
As the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 or nCoV is in the process of spreading its wings across continents, there seems a significant gap between the information received and the reality.
Light Inner Mettle - A Happy Deepavali!
In a short poem, I offer heaps of wishes for all on the occasion with a perspective.
Two Years of GST - Align Business Process with Taxation
Two years have passed since the implementation of GST in India. It was a promise of tax reform pending through almost a decade.
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