What Is the Cloud? For General People.

May 20, 2016

We use our emails on the web. We manage files on the web. With uninterrupted network access, we are well-placed to access news, personal data and business data online. Though some of these services are free, business critical ones demand a subscription fee and a payment based on the resources that we use. In fact, this implies that we are using cloud resources.

Let me elaborate now. It is important to note that the computing resources may now be served based on subscription rather than owning those expensive infrastructures. It can be hardware, network or software. Such model, where we move from capital investment in IT to an operational expenditure, is called the model of Cloud Computing. We get managed services from the provider. We focus on our core business while the provider does what it is best at - a win-win situation from both.

But then why should I move to the Cloud? Cost. It's the cost as I told. You are relieved of capital investment into hardware, network and software. You pay as you use. And there is no delay in procuring, developing, customizing your IT systems through a big team of in-house IT professionals or a firm to which you outsource your IT. You get readily available resources, software applications and a quick customization and upgrades as the system is centrally controlled by the provider. In fact, it is interesting to note that the Cloud implementation not only reduce your effective cost of operation and increases your productivity, it also significantly reduces the cost of IT implementation and management.

A question you may raise: which functions or resources should I move to the Cloud? In fact, virtually anything except the client devices - your laptops, smartphones and desktops. You may also access a virtual desktop remotely if you want to access some very valuable software that you install with one license and access from anywhere and with any device. You get a desktop on the Cloud.

You can automate your workflow at your office, can manage business documents or data. All you can do with just a login and can access your data on your browser securely. You can coauthor your techno-commercial proposal for the next tender, you can do video conferencing with your staff members, customers and prospects without having to own expensive and highly depreciable tools.

Transcription from a talk earlier this week. The photograph used above is of the skyline from the Great Square in Malmo, Sweden.

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