Annual Day of Balikuda High School

On April 2nd, it was the annual day celebration of Balikuda High School and Mr Ashwini Rath was the Chief Speaker, and he garlanded the Gandhi Statue in the school.

Annual Day of Balikuda High School

Mr Ashwini Rath talked about innovation and “how excellence can be achieved from any place, it doesn’t matter if you have the best resources or not you can still do anything and you can achieve whatever you want through sheer dedication.” He explained this scenario by sharing the
life journey of Sir Isaac Newton. He concluded his speech by quoting “with sheer dedication and perspective, one can achieve anything.”

Famous personalities like P. K. Parija (famous botanist and first Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University) and Pratibha Rai are the alumnus of Balikuda High School.

Presently, Mr Ashwini Rath is working with the school for improving its infrastructure and education.


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