Deluge that brings scarcity cannot be welcome. But this will not stop the inflow if we do not have a plan to moderate it, channelize it. As the globe shrinks in functional dimensions, geography gets more visible, more prominent. When a person lives with aural, visual and written spheres of communication that are dispersed across the globe every hour, every day and through the whole year, the best minds throw their full might to make the transient political borders engraved deeper.

I say ‘transient’ as the world maps with political borders across continents have seen continual modifications through the last many centuries; in fact, to the time that we can declare as historical, and the period that is known to have been compiled into the written knowledge of the human’s past. The change has been so conspicuous that it can very well contradict the notions of nationalism and nation state. That said, we live in the fallacious world with fictitious communal values; can’t escape really.

The human civilisation that risks two-third of its population on the top of the most active volcanic regions cannot go complaining over any possible destruction – cannot really term this anything other than a definite objective of self-slaughter. Interestingly, the same civilisation has stood on the top of the global food chain today after moving gradually from its original position somewhere in the middle; and it speaks in volume of the cruelty of human – compassion and mercy are only the buzzwords.

While Walls dividing our population go on to become some of the most fascinating tourist spots in the physical world, those in the functional spheres turn into some of the riveting children’s stories.


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