It’s a short personal account of the river Pegnitz in Franconia of the state of Bavaria, Germany, flowing through the city of Nuremberg.

“I have witnessed a piece of history that is a unique blend of hatred and love, war and peace, oppression and justice, and above all, the rise and then the fall of National Socialism. My flow has been moulded with uninhibited racial aspiration and glory on one hand, and a dream of secular society with freedom and liberty for each individual irrespective of their colour, race, religion, political lineage or physical abilities.

“Even though the locale of my source bears my name, my identity has been deeply coupled with the wavering historical events in Nuremberg in spite of my entrenched course through the heart of the city. I have been an onlooker of bloody events, dumb celebrations, and intense destructions through centuries. I have seen how engineering marvel of then time was installed over my body with a single-arch bridge, Fleisch Bridge, laid to connect the north and the south of the city.

“I have seen how a Synagogue was demolished for a grand market later, and how the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) was built in the fourteenth century that housed the regalia of the Holy Roman Empire for a significant period of time. I was the spectator to the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, who went on to receive Nazi salute staring at my bare body and with the famous Church in the background. I was also a helpless eyewitness to the January air raid of 1945 that turned the entire area into a wrecked graveyard.

“Today, I stand as a testimony of the victory of goodness over evil and the establishment of democracy across the land.”


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