Tiny rainbows were being sketched and erased repeatedly on the undulating scarf of the Isefjord, a large inlet of the sea in Danish waters. The cold Nordic breeze was blowing a coarse flute, yet in harmony, with the pleasant summer that had given flora and fauna to bloom and live to their fullest.

My cable ferry was tough enough to carry several large SUVs, and was speeding leisurely towards the island of Orø. But the charm of sunlit sky with dappled canopies of cloud would sedate anybody.

The small island with more than three thousand acres of land area, yet inhabited by less than a thousand people, offers an unrushed life within its vividly natural ambience. No surprise, it boasts of summer homes of some of the world-famous celebrities. But then the vast meadows, dense native trees and shrubs hide the mundane metrology to celebrate the eternal romance of life and spirit. I was amazed of the age-old stones occupying the backdrop of the villages and their surroundings.

In spite of being an extensively explored region, the wide-ranging wildlife and serene backdrop would deceive any visitor with her virginity in the lap of luxury. The western shore with deep water serves as a natural harbour with small boats and ships paving the coastline.

When I returned to Copenhagen in the evening, the locale had left an exotic impression in my mind. The fairy tales of legendary Hans Christian Andersen, intriguing satirical gruks of maverick Piet Hein, and the scary imagined visuals of Niels Juel during the bombing by Germans in 1943 and her eventual escape turned fast like an incoherent reel of a present day Bollywood movie.

Though the island is close to Zeeland and can be considered to be a south to some other locations in Scandinavia, the climate, environment and culture offer the typical flavour – a place that any serious traveler will never miss. You may choose to drive to Holbæk or to Hammer Bakke – each will be under an hour from Copenhagen. Holbæk-Orø Ferry takes approximately thirty minutes while the other one will be a few minutes trip on the Isefjord.


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