I was listening to an activist in the UK’s far-right party. I was surprised by her indifference to some gentle interventions during the debate, and how the audience cheered her up for such a stupid approach. Well, it’s not an isolated incident – rather it’s growing like an epidemic across different continents.

Do you want more examples? Listen to the far-right politicians or their supporters arguing on a point. The western experts of Rhetoric will be ashamed of their understanding of such a subject. But then, it will be an ultimate experience to view television channels splitting the screen with several funny people bonded to a mad human in the middle – usually, it’s called a Primetime TV debate.

I was engaged in a lovely discussion with a friend yesterday. He spoke on alternate politics. He gave a primer on the dishonesty in the whole range of the political spectrum – did not leave the dead people at peace too. He was livid over the way our political system worked. But then he was trying to prove his points with reason. He was listening to my viewpoints when I intervened. It was rather a civil discourse if I put in that way or if I compare our public discourses in general.

Somebody told me that new impatience has crept into as people in practising democracies want more. They feel the inadequacy of the system deters from meeting their growing expectations. They take their freedom for granted and betray the same freedom which their predecessors achieved after struggles that lasted for centuries. I was not amused. I was worried. I know rogue elements dominate when democratic systems do not match popular expectations. These elements intrude and destroy the very system in the guise of democratic changes. And the proponents of democratic values commit the crime of tolerating such rogue elements – a crime against the nation in particular, and against humanity in general.

But then deliberations and discussions must go on. Nobody should try to brand something as an unacceptable practice though they may choose to disagree. The discourse can be considered to have reached a new normal.


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