After a marathon workout lent for a consulting project, I found it difficult to convince myself about the outcome. The project was in the area of Information Technology, and in particular, about exploiting its tools to create a few analytic insights for the client’s business. It was data that was speaking. It was speaking with an enormous voice; but I was finding it difficult to ascertain its dialect.

I was still wondering if we can have an absolute response to the most difficult question: Can we have a definite route to the realm of success for a business? As I was struggling to assemble some reasonable responses for myself, the goal seems to withdraw far. It was the beauty of rational query – even if there was no clear answer in the sight, we had a pool of choices that could be made a set of best practices. And, this is what the management consultants live with – it’s their bread and butter.

My mind was wandering in its sovereign domain. I was trying to catch a broad landscape of those best practices. I know there is no magic wand available to travel on this path. There is no final goal too. There will be milestones though.

A managerial insight!


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