When we scan news reports and global diplomatic activities, two things seem to have overwhelmed our priorities, as it appears. With increasing population with greater capability to consume energy for their living, prosperity and comfort, the impact of pollution and depleting balance of natural climate to human intervention have been a challenge. It’s addressed within the scope of ‘climate change’ where humans seek their sustainability vis-à-vis nature.

On the other hand, global political and military leadership is now aware of the imperilment of civilisational apparatus in the hands of invisible troops of terrorism. If you contest my argument about such an awareness now, I would concede spelling their public acceptance at least. Well, world leaders possibly accept now that bad terrorism versus good terrorism debate is nonsensical; and rather, it is imperative to avoid sidelining with any terrorist organisation for a short-term political or military gain. Yes, that is the second major global issue – ‘terrorism’.

What is important in both of the problem is that either warring side doesn’t play the game of the other. When nature demands certain way of functioning, humans want their own game to be played. It’s interesting that we are passionate to play this game against nature even though self-destruction seems to be an option. Moreover, we are divided as human: who will sacrifice for the climate change which has been caused until now? People of developed countries or those from developing countries? It’s more perplexing for any person from a small village of a developing country who has settled in a developed country a few years ago – she wonders if she is liable at all. Well, apart from crazy thoughts, may be valid for some, it’s all about present. Keeping all causes aside in the past, hurriedly encapsulated industrialisation and greedily chased colonisation, it’s to be understood in the present context. Our generation and the next will be responsible for negating the vagaries of the past.

On other hand, terrorism is a war strategy when the opponent is stronger and cannot be dealt with in an open battle. But then the strategy transforms itself into a threat to humanity when groups take pledge to adopt this violent method as their strategy irrespective of the opponent – weak or strong. People from kitchen to playground are now aware of their threat. More ruinous it is when these terrorists successfully align a mainstream religion to their ideals.

When humanity is fighting many battles, these two cannot be discounted.


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