Do you know how Syrian Crisis is linked to the Climate Change? Perhaps, global leaders are struggling to find the reason behind their myopic vision of world order and peace. When 9/11 occurred, the then president of America declared a crusade against a terror group; but the steam was lost when a bunch of terrorists effected a horrendous bloodbath in Mumbai. Pakistan was involved; and that was the reason why it was declared as a South Asian anomaly, one of the skirmishes between two neighbours.

A few years have gone by. People have forgotten Mumbai massacre except the victims or their families and friends. Well, those people whose blood strained the pavement of India, could not turn into terrorists. They still fight their battle through civil means.

On the other hand, Islamic terrorists in Syria and their flunkies hiding across different continents have radicalised themselves because of killings or injustice in Middle East. Their logic to fall back on religious dogmas to sanctify bigotry, violence and crimes has gone far beyond any rational discourse or treatment.

Paris was attacked, and Western European countries immediately went for bombing. It was easy as Syria was no Pakistan, wicked nuclear power. Russia has been in the game of bombing already; but then each party has their own targets. They define good terrorists versus bad terrorists, and argue behind the veil of democracy shamelessly to make their own convenient diplomatic propositions.

It is interesting that Syrian theatre is producing not only terrorists but also exodus of refugees that can alter the demography of the entire Europe in the following decades. This has helped the World Powers to stick to three activities: bombing the entire cross-section of population in Syria, screening people coming out of the bombed area, and making all effort to pretend that it’s a disorder created by ISIS only.

Perhaps, Syrian syrup works for masking global leaders from the steam that augur chaos in the civil life around the globe. And they argue that it’s climate change!


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