Morning on a Friday is not religious if you are not edified to attend some service. You see, I have not spelt out anything. You will not mind if you are not irrational – at least if not on either of the sides of ‘beef politics’ in India. To an extent, you may repent if the price of Tur Daal pinches you inside your pocket unlike pretty chicken.

Well, chickens are more popular among human population; they make humans go an extra mile to boost their population – to feed us, humans. Like maize and rice had done many centuries ago. Oh, yes. Grass and cow both are unfortunate except that cows are fed with grass to get milked.

I am still surprised why cow still eats grass. Rather, why do we make our lovely cows eat grass? Can we not share our rice and maize with them? Let us have a ban on ‘feeding cow with grass’. It’s criminal to feed our mother cows with grass when we don’t eat that wild vegetation ourselves.

It’s no Vedic age; and sages no more invoke Gods in the quest of peace for inner soul and the outer world, or see a parallel between raining cloud and milch cow as in Rig Veda. We no more see rain as milk that will bring harvest, food, good health for people and prosperity. In fact, population of farmers doesn’t have sustainability in countryside. It’s rather economics – what matters is the amount of land versus people depending on it for survival. Food, good health, prosperity? These have gone into back-burner – they rather seem to have formed a pet topic for clash between economists of different orientations.

But chickens bring hope for humanity. Nobody will bat for their survival or argue of sacred eggs. They have also pushed for their evolution in the labs promoted by food chains across globe. They are forcing humans to make these birds proliferate rapidly against rice and maize.

Who will be the winner?

I don’t know. I would rather struggle with a plethora of programming codes to witness some naked glimpses of those benevolent ones and zeros.


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