Pakistan has been notoriously peace agnostic since its inception. It has adopted guerrilla warfare against its neighbours, outrageous religious doctrine against its own people, and above all, killings and mass-murders against humanity. It is all in the name of its strategic security doctrine.

India, as its neighbour, has been worst hit. Having a shared past and being twins at birth created more negative consequences than few positive ones. The rogue country has split itself into half due to the same policy, but is yet to realize its folly.

With country’s economy in shambles, education system incapable for producing even good graduates, and social system still in medieval era, Pakistan has learnt to live as a parasite perpetually. It licks international aids for all its activities, state or non-state.

Military has pushed the country into a roller coaster of self-destruction. Constant interference from military and half-literate mullahs has made the political regime a big girl’s blouse.

Still, it is our neighbour. It still has a population that strives to live against all odds. A Malala Yousafzai can escape to become a strong votary of peace and human rights, and can also achieve outstanding academic performance. But is it everybody’s responsibility except Pakistan to drag it into the course? Can India afford to engage with her neighbour despite hostilities?

India can continue speaking across the table. Dialogue must go on. But we must also corner Pakistan in the circle of global diplomacy. India must make the situation such that Pakistan would no longer be considered as a balancing factor in South Asia by Western Powers. It will then be the right response to the unfortunate political regime in our neighbourhood.


  1. A better pakistan is in the better interest of India. We don’t have a volatile neighbour in our backyard. Education is the key. India should export education to pakistan and that is the best way to protect our interest. Exporting mindless pirated bollywood movies which lack content is not going to cut it.


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