The rustic charm was evident beyond the window. The music of Shankar Jaikishan was carving tender chords in heart and mind. It was certainly a reprieve for an idle mind when the public discourse is jarring and abusive.

Did I say abuse? Yes, it was the adoring abuse of a selfless human with sensual elegance by his atypical beloved. It was an intriguing contradiction of grace and celebration by two strangers, yet caring for each other. The supple lyrics of Shailendra went beating soulfully with the quintessential music by the master composers-duo.

Love was everywhere. Nobody would dare touch any smartphone to check the trending topic on Twitter or press the button of 24 hours news channel. Those would be predictable. “The crowd is Abdulla, and is Diwana today. Shaadi happens 24X7 – on mass media,” I was wondering.

“As crowd, we celebrate the rise of Babas and Matas in their bathroom, bedroom and religious court. We celebrate hegemony of crony capitalists at their lunch and dinner when they spend their ill-gotten money in conferences and networking events to build business communities for the sake of their political masters. We celebrate the hollow speeches of political leaders with all their hidden goals as mere psychopaths. We abuse anybody and everybody who do not align with our views.”

“Then media incites our crowd behaviour with news exposé about Babas, Matas, business people and politicians. Better TRP and more revenue that can serve their masters. And we celebrate by hurdling abuse and fancy that stranger be sacrificed at the altar of perceptional justice, our justice.”

These thoughts were not syncing with the atmosphere. Moreover, Shankar Jaikishan music was intoxicant enough to smack these noisy musings down with the scores of blows from myriad musical instruments. It was placid moment. I had started collecting my lovely thoughts again.

“Shaadi Kisiki ho, apna dil gaata hai.”

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  1. Yesterday I saw a video posted by NASA showing the earth view from a satellite. As we descend and zoom down, you can see various contrasts of the beautiful life blending beauty and the beast…


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