It is almost a stinking pit when you look at a newspaper in India these days. A persistent promotion of specific politics, infinite idiocy about specific ideologies, and etching eccentric epitaph on specific economics – you can see through and glance across. And, if you switch on TV, it’s a bottomless chasm of diabolic and denigrating discussion about anybody and enthusiastic exiguous eloquence about everybody, but then as they bias, yet boast – a bad state of our media owned by crony capitalists.

The crony capitalism and lack of accountability for media have created a pantheon of paid and prejudiced parrots. People still call themselves journalists. But they prudently distinguish themselves as parrots enjoying privileged access to power-corridors, are handsomely paid, and thus prejudiced about their masters and the masters’ deeds. They reticently view the world in the eyes of their overlords, and quietly practise pack journalism.

When the print media is struggling to sell their each copy everyday and TV channels flashing trends from online social media to claim that they are not obsolete, it may look funny if large business houses compete to buy existing media outlets or to create new ones. But these crony capitalists believe that the entire population is a band of idiots except themselves and their cronies, a privileged few. Also, they have their parrots to do their talk as it suits the masses and to keep the unsullied engaged. And again, their belief is proved many a time – be it elections, policy initiatives or even influencing consumer habits and lifestyle.

When #GoBackIndianMedia and similar hashtags trended on social media, it was quite embarrassing for many as Indians. Why would these prejudiced pedigrees have to return to our country and louse up our fabric again? Why should people of Nepal burden people of India by returning these dark-minded parrots? With humanity and empathy one would certainly fail to understand if you could ask somebody to spell out emotion for their buried family members while they were waiting for some help and possible rescue. When these barking parrots could reach the place before the arrival of relief materials, what stopped them from carrying a packet of bread? When they reached with relief materials, perhaps as a package from the Indian government, what stopped them from assisting people rather than carrying the dead tools and transmitters 24X7? Why did Indian government carry these living bodies occupying finite space each, consuming scarcely available supplies of food and water in the disaster-affected region, and blocking the process of relief operation when it was an arduous task against time? Was it not like seeking gaiety and glory on the dead and distressed?


  1. You are once again spot on… There is no more unbiased reporting, but opinionated news driven by corporate agendas. Also, in the race for being the first, you can see glaring lack of quality standards. Sad state of journalism…

  2. Indian media need to mature and show some sense of respect at time of any tragedy. Since there are so many Indian TV news channels, to compete, these so-called-journalists resort to any means to increase their TRP ratings. Some people, like me, have stopped watching Indian news TV channels due to its low quality content. Hats off to the Nepalese who have shown the right attitude to the Indian media.


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