CeBIT in Hannover has always been special to IT industry and technology-loving people. It’s capacious, and attracts business users and IT professionals alike – a massy messe (German word for fair) as I always call it. This year data go on the exhibition in all their flavours: big data, enterprise data, data with mobility, data for analytics, data in cloud, data recovery, data in governance, open data, data for farmers, data for data managers (from job portals). It has all.

Companies are still competing to achieve usability and to meet the scale of demand in the domain of data and workflow management. In fact, two new active areas of innovation are prominent in the fair: Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0. Both strive to exploit the machine-to-machine communication and collaboration, read Internet of Things (IoT), to zoom productivity. While, big players are around the corners, quite a few startups are also visible with their spectacular display of technical breakthroughs in data control and management with cloud, IoT and mobility. It’s more Chinese this time as the country has partnered with CeBIT.

You enter into the large area of Microsoft exhibit, a kingdom in itself. You see cloud and business analytics all along. Always crowded, it is interesting to see so many people love the products of this company. Love? Perhaps it’s more of an addiction; and for rational people, there seems to be no reasonable alternative. Other popular companies offering cloud services look small in the grand hall.

As I am going out of the fair ground, it’s still not dark. For local people, the day is bright and warm. For me, I would admit it to be an illuminated yet cold day – one which saw a solar eclipse in the morning, yet so many tiny to big players in the business of data displayed their work and achievements so enthusiastically. It has been enlightening and warm inside mind though it’s still cold outside.



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