While religions dominated our discourse on God for centuries, our indulgence with the word ‘god’ has spilled over to other dimensions of our life too. Be it a sport like cricket or other avenues of human activity, we invariably sense divinity in our tryst with life with our plausibly limited imaginations.

The ‘god’ of cricket Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has promulgated his retirement schedule that is set to happen in the month of November, a celebration that will perhaps eclipse the closing ceremonies of annual Hindu festivals on Indian subcontinent. The sense of exculpation from mundane vagaries that shimmers with the arrival of this tiny sportsman at the crease and the appalling state of mind when he returns back tell the story of the level of engagement of people with this new-found religion – cricket. Did I utter the word ‘religion’? Sorry, it was rhetoric.

The same media coverage that was sine qua non for elevating the sport celebrity to the status of ‘god’ and was contemplating recently why the genius did not retire before, has been pushing the matter to its climax pulling as much profit for its stakeholders. But then, the lovers of the sport will get opportunity to recount and analyse the way this wonder man captivated the imagination of 40% of world population to become a ‘god’ – the ultimate deliverer of happiness and bliss through direct spectacle or through broadcast over the years. The event now will certainly dampen the quintessential celebration of cricket that lasted for more than two decades, and transcended national and sectarian barriers. All will wait for a new ‘god’ to appear onstage to continue the ceaseless celebration, but the history is set to pass a milestone definitely.

While it is good and refreshing to see new ‘gods’ coming into life and retiring, pushing them into invidious realm of religion with the passage of time may dilute the rationale behind. Duh – fact becomes myth as reality moves into the past!


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