My little Miss Kerala can now shift from the Great Escarpment of India, the Western Ghats, to my tiny homely aquarium. Whether Athirappilly hydel power project materialises or not, we are mentally prepared to rewrite the fate of this beautiful species. Am I looking like one of many passionate environo-activists who run for attention or wealth in the name of protecting our beautiful natural reserves? Pardon, I am referring to a larger intention of our ruling class in this invisible, or visibly shocking, democracy to do a great ecological re-engineering of the nation, including us, the humans!

How do you identify a ruler of ours? A devil in a human-like camouflage surrounded by several robot-like human figures and chased by byte-hungry media scouts. I mean it’s all about the number of heads put together to define a new species. Where can they be found? In Parliament, in five-star hotels, and even in a cottage of a small farmer. All pervasive. Again heads count; but then this devil can encompass the whole nation irrespective of the count of some communal heads.

Yes, he is not sectarian. He represents all. He takes everybody along. I am not certainly biased towards the fair sex – look, my Miss Kerala is also gender-inclusive. Hmmm, the devil is inclusive too; but again, about anything you can think under the sun!

The cavalcade of this devil roams our streets. He has an impeccable knowledge about when and where to stop, does not care about the signs of our poor traffic police. Well, these white mortals cannot be spared as they have to have their heads counted – more heads, more elite the devil is. Basically, he re-engineers us to serve them in numbers and incites us to perceive that the simple number game of heads can give ourselves the sense of security. We, billion people, are now getting re-engineered in this democratic aquarium. Now, I don’t feel pity for my little Miss Kerala.

The devil is not evasive when you talk about our borders. He emphasizes that the little yet strong heads receive petty salary to die. Yeh, the number of dead heads is the parameter for hot and cold blows, read peace talks, with serpents, read our neighbours. But note, the devil is compassionate. He visits those coffins, please count heads – can’t remind you again, and pays hefty accidental retirement cheques.

God will also feel envious with this new re-engineering of our ecosystem, and will console my little Miss Kerala for her possible total migration into my little aquarium. Touch wood, I am not gender biased.


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