Dear Reader,

This may look odd to tie my series of blog posts or articles to a particular day of the week. But each time, it is all but a small dose of thought, comparable to a quantum of any tiny cosmos. My post on Friday will smear my own free thoughts preventing it from getting lost in the indolence of weekends.

It is also my duty to place a piece of caution (not cushion, yeh!) here. Even though I have tried to keep the texts error-free (syntax and semantics), you would be rational to verify with your own mind and tools.

Scary! A normal human can only move in the Continuum without having his or her thoughts freed from the law of infinity. An idea of quantum may relieve him or her from being stuck to the asymptotic lifeline.

I told the above; so, don’t be anxious to look for the author of the quote! If you are not upset yet, please read on.

Well, what am I talking about? I can speak about the disintegration of the Great Imperial Power into a multi-polar world in the span of just a century, musical zing of bathroom singers to the ultimate composers Shankar Jaikishan, pulling the tail of a tiger from its back to capturing an asteroid into a bag, Zeno’s paradox to Cantor’s explanation of infinity, and of course, anything beyond.

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Yours Sincerely,
Ashwini Kumar Rath


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