Destined to reach stiff cliff along a long canyon
Enveloped by a barely visible vast sleepy horizon,

In the flip of a second and at the onset of dawn
I walked on meandering path in my serene sojourn,

Smeared with a white coat of those glittering bubbles
With juxtapose of many colours on reflecting pebbles.

I moved with the vigour of mind and awakened spirit
Breeze casting spell of marvel with shades and sprite,

A streak of light fell upon like a wand of ivory
As she appeared with grace of a benevolent fairy,

With her misty eyes, empty hands and bare forehead
As I counted those drops of dew through lonely arcade,

She smiled and stared deep into my expectant eyes
As hues of azure played across multitude of skies,

Static was the time and slowly we moved ahead
Leaving this mundane valley of agony and hatred.


  1. Brilliant! The journey is perhaps more joyful and ecstatic than the stiff cliff might be!! In any case, there is ‘mercy’ in every place…


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