A significant change in our individual and social behaviors has taken place due to different social networking websites and the larger affinity to share our information there. A great debate has ensued among intellectuals about the advantages and disadvantages of such radical changes. Mr. Dhiraj Kumar’s book “The Asocial Networking” has taken this debate to a new level, and has reviewed different aspects with examples drawn from the day-to-day life.

When the book reached our Newsdesk, my colleagues asked me to write the review due to my special interest in these areas and as I have authored a book on Cloud Computing recently that tangentially touches the topic.

First of all, the book is a pleasure to read. The language is simple; and we can associate the examples to our experiences in our own personal lives. The entire book consists of many small sections that can be read virtually independent of others while maintaining a flow throughout. I would also like to mention the in-depth observations of the author with respect to the basic tenets of life, individual participation in our larger collective behavior, and the growing missing link between the two.

Facebook with its immense popularity has been a constant reference in the book. Self-obsession and one-moment glory have pushed people to divulge everything about them online. Happiness when we get likes, and arrogance if we are criticized, remain the prevailing phenomena on social media. The author has aptly pointed to this dominant feeling as a negative proposition that confronts the society today.

Can “asocial” be termed as anti-social or as an alternate social mechanism? A broad discussion with examples through the whole book incites our thinking in a constructive way, and encourages us to understand and appreciate the invisible features in this grand process of social re-engineering.

The book priced at Rs. 195 (or US $10) is worth reading for all, and Leadstart Publishing has done a commendable job in producing the book in an attractive format.


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