Indian democracy is vibrant with media playing a great role in sensationalising issues that people sitting in front of idiot-box (TV) like. Everybody in media hails an increasing economic index that I am yet to understand fully if it is realistic. However, let me believe them. This leaves me wondering if economic index is also important in calibrating violence in India.

After the terror-attack (that is what I always call violence if it terrorises people in general) on Janeswari Express, the media cried for a few hours, and shifted their focus to analyse blame-game by politicians and later to celebration of West Bengal election results. This was in high contrast to explosion in Pune – forget bigger violence in bigger cities! It appears media is concerned about those who are affected calibrating along the line of economic index.

As per recent happenings, it is becoming amply clear that media hypes any violence which affects elite class and easily forgets anything that is associated with common people. I can find two reasons to this. First, our society is facing another big division now along the economic index like we have been divided along caste and religious line earlier. Second, the vocal population of India is still a minority and binds with the higher economic index segment.

While the first one proves the point of making ourselves as a capitalist democracy, the second one fails our effort to be a democracy at all, at least, as of now.


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