With flourishing global virtual community and extensive movements of families for living and business, neighbours change rapidly. A change of surrounding can happen as per convenience, and the power of decision-making in this regard can be acquired. But not for India as a nation. It is surrounded by neighbours who are rogue and are driven by their one-point evil agenda.

Talking in the above line of argument, India is deprived of its own convenience or the power of decision-making. Yes, it is about choosing its neighbours to negotiate about issues among. Only that!

India still retains right to choose a development path for its own. Inspite of neighbourhood syndrome, India retains right to solve its own disputes within. India inherits these rights with its freedom since more than half-a-century and by becoming a democracy. And, India must understand and enrich its freedom and democracy going ahead.

Perhaps one day, neighbours will be affected by India’s neighbourhood syndrome, and will change!


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