Each time we read history, we wonder about personalities which have been made to look as per a perspective, and most of the times, without much substance. The makers of history identify a character and build their thoughts around it. And we have democratic media in India too, trying to over-hype things beyond anybody’s imagination – to create a huge compilation of stories around any character. Chosen intellectuals put the whole process, happenings and causes around such characters.

Here, Kasab! A Wikipedia link has been dedicated for him too – A rogue mind, after being trained in Pakistan by many other rogue minds, came to India hiding along with his other nine mates, and killed hundred odd innocent people. He committed crime and must be killed (well, be punished, as per our civilised society). He must be insignificant to Indian Republic, and must be treated like other terrorists, intellectually or in action. He cannot be described as a symbol of terrorism or even cause thereof. He cannot be described as the hindrance to diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan. His existence or non-existence should be treated as insignificant by all of us who believe in democracy. Remember, you cannot make one character as a symbol in a democratic setup, and describe a part of history 🙂


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