It is scary to view advertisements of Indian premier league cricket matches. An entire ecosystem has been developed to pull people and make them fall into the marketing jigsaw. Concepts like youngistan, game shows, unlimited repeat shows and facial analyses has made the whole process very complicated, but has generated curiosity. And now, controversy too has popped up with a minister from Indian government being linked to corruption for making effort to bring this modern version of cricket to his state. Income Tax department sleuths have entered into cricket arena and political parties have reserved a slot to comment about handling cricket during their daily briefings. Look, political parties are also concerned – earlier, only several politicans were.

Good, what next? Serious business people will enter into cricket business (some have already done), and will make it professionally commercial. Game will lie with marketing, advertisements and business management. Cricket will take backseat. Anyway, senior players and former players (who are making money by analysing how current greats are greater than themselves – Mr. Gavaskar expressing intention of touching feet of Mr. Tendulkar!) admit their inability to understand the process when game unfolds on field – it gets over before they understand – it is just a 20-over game! But they will be ready for 10-over too if business managers will see better profitability by exploiting viewers’ psyche. So, the show will go on.

Again good, what next? Money circulation will be streamlined to the better, and inflow will be more chaotic with knights, royals, devils, etc. fighting for their titles. Secondary industry is taking shape to evolve with this Indian extravaganza. Well, Bollywood blue-bloods will not survive if they would like to run a family business by pushing their glamour as free advertisement tool for their business. Harden up, my friends!

Finally, power players will always be beggars at anybody’s corridor. They will swarm the theatre backroom, and sweat more than what the cheer girls do.


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