Since my childhood, I have been listening to Shankar Jaikishan music. As I grew, I took a studied interest about different aspects of their music in spite of my scanty knowledge about music as such. I have searched almost all music shops in the cities I lived, and took help of many friends to listen to different Shankar Jaikishan albums that I did not possess. Everytime I listened to a song, it spelled a great magical effect.

In spite of their towering contributions to the world of music, Shankar Jaikishan albums are not readily available in shops now due to bingo-commercial intentions. You need to have a mentor to promote your contribution! Well, then what will happen to people like us who like good music and cannot find it in a normal music shop or cannot learn more about the people who created these?

When I browse Internet, I come across websites of many mediocre composers and even singers (in India, we funnily ascribe a song to its singer more than its composer!); but cannot find a good website for Shankar Jaikishan. Thus I decided to create a website about the duo whose music has provided an invaluable company to me in all my solitude and during ups and downs.


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