Like any organic matter, human reconstructs too. Flesh and blood rebuild as per the biological terms. The organic development takes a queue from chaotic manipulations of cellular activities and their metamorphoses. As we look deeper into the whole process, it gets trickier with collective effects sneak in to create a new dimension to the already complex scenario. The result gets different to what it was supposed to happen as per the scientific know-how.

Human attains this state daily and ignores the subtle aspects of their evolution. Well, who has intention or even capacity to record such a big data to put for analyses. Perhaps, the evolution happens on a bigger scale compared to a human life. Again, is there no possibility of existence of the underlying ingredients for human evolution – the power to reconstruct? You may shout at me – why I am repeating a “re” at each instance of “construction”!

I am aware of this, and still insist. The process of each reconstruction takes the state away from its own and that is why evolution happens. The collective phenomenon prevails in this exotic process of life.


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