An entreprise is built upon dynamic process of communications and collaborations – it is not about just people. It functions in a collaborative environment, and significant amount of effort goes towards sharing of information and action performed based on it. This process requires creation, review and tracking of reports and significant data.

With a host of outsourcing models being in action and managers along with workers going mobile, dependence on flexible but accountable information systems is a must. An obiquitous existence of Internets and Extranets have been an indicator to this. Today, a business development manager spends more time at client’s place with ease as all information and tools are at their fingertips as they are connected to corporate Intranet/Extranet. He/she can be in constant touch with their product manager who is working at their corporate office. A small discount on a particular product can instantly be communicated to the business development executives to have an edge over competition. In a similar fashion, the product manager can review the status on a small patch to the product prepared by his/her development team located in a different part on the globe.

If communication is happening quickly and effectively, and if the collaboration is seamless irrespective of locational disparities of departments, we say that the entreprise collaborates well.


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