When I delve deep into the interplay of technological efforts and babelian disparities among technology vendors, it looks a chaotic transition of the state of Web from one to another. And the transition is quite volatile that the process towards an equilibrium can have cascading effect to settle in an unexpected state.

We welcome any technology that comes in our way, and start creating applications around it. Huge documentation follows with a number of websites created to highlight the same. Freelancers and small business houses start building business around any single idea. New economy is created and communities are built up in their own ways. Many virtual civilizations, unaware of each others, grow up in months.

Big companies take up a few ideas and create another version of a platform or a product to popularise it with a billion dollar marketing budget. Even companies will not stop to add another web browser to this already overcrowded browser-baskets. A small innovation can make a big news if publicity is well organized.

We are basically trying to create our own language to speak and everybody separately. The communication process is becoming increasingly difficult and a big economy is even growing to ensure inter-operability and inter-communication capabilities. Does it look funny? But it is true with Web 2.0.

Where is an intention to crowd-source the already working platform or product? Innovation can never be Innovation 2.0 with Web 2.0. In fact, we are 2 down zero now!


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