The Buddhist monasteries in this historic region of China have been tense in the recent days due to another phase of conflict between Tibetans and Han nationals. A fear psyche is prevalent on the roof of the world due to probable violent consequences of seeking larger autonomy from the benevolent dragon.

Theocratic head of Tibet in exile, Dalai Lama, is seeking greater level of autonomy, and is arguing in favour of cultural and religious freedom for the people who are believed to have been originated from a monkey and a female demon as per legend. Marxist government of China, though has been greatly liberal since two decades, is still being viewed with suspicion in spite of their many efforts in bringing modern education and contemporary social life to this highly superstitious Himalayan territory.

With China establishing itself as a formidable economic and military power, global powers are unusually silent over the current impasse. The situation, however critical, can never be considered to fall along the axis of evils in the eyes of western powers. Any circumstance leading to gulf like situation is certainly ruled out. However, everybody is observing at the hectic diplomatic process with keen interest due to the grand sports event, Olympics, this year.


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