I was having chat over tea with my friend. We were in relaxed mood, and were trying to beat hot summer outside hiding in a couch in the air-conditioned room of restaurant. We were waiting for Masala tea with honey! The gorgeous lady was smiling, and was indicating that we can have our turn at anytime soon.

My friend, who was working in a small company, brought an interesting character to discussion. He started describing a colleague from his company with an unmatched passion ignoring the impending warm drink that was our favourite in this way-side restaurant.

“She knows how to talk — a great report writer” – he quipped. The person, he was describing, probably had an uncanny skill of using words and to impress upon the little boss in that little company. He continued – “I must tell that she is the best salesman but sits in an armchair with a buraucratic responsibility in the company.”

I was getting impatient as the one-side briefing continued abated. “How does that affect you? It is the company and its boss, your boss, should ponder”, I remarked.

My friend looked at me mischivously and replied: – “I am in the same boat that has a titanic destination! The whole team is making an ignorant preparation for disaster.” He was not stopping and was expressing his frustration overtly. I was getting serious. I was imagining the situation and was trying to put myself in his shoes.

“It is unfortunate if this has happened, but this is not surprising as we are part of a greater human dynamics. We believe, understand and carry prejudice in the way we perceive. So, it is not an exception where there is a selfish, williful individual uses behavourial manipulation with adequate emotional quotient to dominate workplace without doing any work at all.” — I was pouring my thoughts.

We are agreeing though our perception might be different over the whole situation. The agreement had been strengthened with the warmth of tea the smailing lady served a few minutes ago.

“Quit that company!” – I suggested as I was adding more sugar to sweeten my tea further. I was asserting my maturity, and was trying to help my friend out of this muddy situation. The smoke from cup was moisting my wide eyes as I was staring at him.


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