There has been many instances when a person thinks that the world moves around him or her. A city lad thinks that his street is his world with his residence at the centre, a hospital at one corner and his school at the other. He goes berserk if told about a beautiful village nearby. Well, a more mom-lapped boy may glue to TV at home to boast of his knowledge about the world – hmmm, it is about a place shown on Animal Planet channel or a test match played on a beach with cute girls clapping and going berserk? Mind it – I am not going the English dictionary way, rather following it literally!

I come across people in corporate showing a manipulated certificate to climb the career-ladder. They go berserk if reminded of their ghastly act, and then give a profuse lecture on numerous such prevailing occurrences around the globe. I come across people in various fields, infected by wilful lady-influence, going berserk to throw their whole achievement into waste-bin in a span of few days. They justify their perception filtered with a romantic coloured glass, and rush to live in a dream-land.

I go berserk knowing that somebody has been contaminated with this fatal disease, but cannot justify spending time in such infected environment. I don’t get the thrust of Mother Teresa to change the condition, but rather push myself outwards to get fresh air. I simply tell, “Why do you go berserk?”, and quip, “I shall now quit!”


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