From its inception PHP has been the language of novice. Its all pervasive functions and flexibility of coding has attracted a huge pull of computer enthusiastic into the programming world. And in turn, the methods of coding and approaches to build an application through this language have varied from team to team, and have resulted in a chaos. Every programmer has the flexibility to blame his/her predecessor. People say, PHP scripting inherently encourages swirling code base and induces fallibility in the long run if the concerned programmer does not give adequate (or rather additional) personal attention to the structure of code.

With PHP5 by Zend founders, the situation has greatly changed. However, PHP’s backward compatibility philosophy has provided enough scope for oldies to survive with their whimsical development paradigm. At the same time, a PHP programmer, I mean the programmer, faces dilemma while approaching any problem to solve with this newly powerful language, PHP5.

After working the whole day with full sincerity, the programmer withdraws at the dusk with a negative feeling about his/her day’s effort. Was it in right direction? Will this result in wasteful programming as the requirements change. Etc., etc…. The programmer has now a definite uneasiness about the scalability and security of application, and its maintainability.

This is PHP Programmer’s Dusk Dilemma!



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