As I am looking at the broader happenings of today’s international socio-political arena, I am getting increasingly sure that things are happening for worse.

With the victory of USA led powers over Iraq, they have now celebrated their victory with hanging the scape-”goat” in their much precious oil-lobby. I would call it ceremonial justice of victory. All well and good by now – though most will disagree to the cause of Iraq invasion while all know what the motive behind this aggression. International democracy has been killed once again after similar invasion by Iraq into Kuwait — though puppy democracy has been established in and around Baghdad!

Yet another thing happened. A big division in the supranational Musilm community happened with a handful of Shia supporters hanged the imprisoned Sunni-man, as is shown by mischievous media world-wide. This will only create more violence on this already bloody battlefield of Mesopotamia. Is it not an act against humanity, at least for innocent people living in the middle-east?


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