When I get up in morning, though a bit late, I scan through my PDA for a sacred list while gulping down some pieces of bread and hot milk. The list is hotter than my milk — my to-do list!

I was reading a book by Denis Waitley — life is not just managing a set of to-dos. Yes, understandable! But the list goes on — appears with many more every next day. It proliferates quicker than multiple fission in asexual reproduction (life science hunks understand this better). Now the question that stalls the forward-looking perspective: Is it necessary at all?

I have particularly seen the young colleagues, coming from colleges and small peacetime programming teams, face a fatal dilemma while facing 360 degrees project load with various tasks to be done on a day. Many succumb while survivors get a thick-skin and get disassociated from normal life.

I have found an answer to this mind-boggling question. Let us accept to-dos as our guidelines for the day, and we concentrate on our work rather. These guidelines help us not forget any while being productive for these mundane items.


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