When Francis asked me whether we would like to see his Album from Peru, I thought it will be his pics with his wife, parents, in-laws (his wife is also from Peru). I never realized there would be an eye-opener to the tail-shaped country and the artistic and strong efforts from Francis to Peru is a photo-book.

He was in his best where he picturised the Macchu Picchu or the Kusco or the titicaca lake and life surrounding it. He had made cuttings and proper marking on maps and even his own drawings to supplement his collection of photos. His arrangements were artistic and each page was very focussed in its message.

Peru has come a long way from Andean civilization through Inca rule to Spaniads’ dominance. However still, there are aborigin population who disconnect themselves from current civilization. The country is divided into three distinct regions: the dry west cost, central mountaineous region, and the eastern Amazon valley.

The story of snakes in the rain forest and the people live with a different life to ensure safety may look funny, but is real in the eastern side of Andeas. The Inca constructions like path to the top of the mountain and tombs attract attention of tourists, and reminds of the great discovery of the Yale professor Brigham. There was a straw fastened to the page and that was used to make artificial islands on the sea. The sea is not very deep, but the water is cold. And on the eastern part, there is the source of Amazon, and taken that into account, the river will be the longest in the world, not Nile!

I may not get a chance to visit Peru or to verify the observations and opinions. But I know there is a country which I know better now. It is a known country. :-)


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